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The Espetus


Gaúcho chefs slowly grill choice cuts of skewered rotisserie meats over an open flame to capture the authentic flavor and texture of each distinctive cut. A parade of meats is continuously offered and carved tableside by Gaúcho Chefs, evoking the fireside meals of the open plains. The Rodízio, which means continuous tableside service, continues until each guest is fully content. Say “Yes” countless times!

In addition to a selection of 14 cuts of straight-from-the-fire pork, steak, chicken, shrimp, and lamb carved tableside, a bounteous buffet stacked with fresh veggies, crisp seasonal salads, and savory Brazilian side dishes round out the meat-lovers menu, appealing to diners of every disposition.

Appetizers such as french fries, fried yucca, crispy polenta, and breaded banana are conveniently available in the hot side dishes buffet. Pão de Queijo (Brazilian Cheese Bread) is also served throughout the meal. Feijoada Bar is available on weekends. This delicious quintessential Brazilian staple is a black bean stew cooked with “carne seca” and pork meat, served with rice, toasted yucca flower, collard greens, pork belly, and orange slices.

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As you arrive

We explain the Espetus Churrascaria rodízio style dining.


Next up

Visit our gourmet salad bar and hot side dishes buffet.



Ready for Meat?

Turn your dial to green, letting our Gaúchos Chefs know you are ready to begin tableside service.



14 cuts of meat roasted over 100% natural mesquite charcoal that are brought to your tables straight from the fire and carved tableside.


When you are content,

Turn the dial to red until you are ready for more…


Treat yourself

To the sweet indulgence of your choice; you’ll be glad you saved room.




Not all restaurants play on your senses before you walk in the door, but Espetus Churrascaria Brazilian Steak House has had mouths watering up and down Market Street for over sixteen years. Located at 1686 Market Street, Espetus’ churrasco tantalizes possible patrons in the streets with the palpable fragrances of over a dozen different frame-grilled meats. Espetus Churrascaria was founded in San Francisco in November 2003, and Espetus San Mateo was established in November 2008. 

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A table

Our restaurants are open daily for lunch and dinner. Reservations are strongly recommended, call us or click the link below.

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